Ephesus Pizza- Pittsburgh

It was my first time eating at Ephesus, a pizza joint near our office in Pittsburgh. The menu was exhausting at this fast-food-esque establishment. They had pizzas, fried foods, salads, sandwiches, along with turkish and Greek specialties.

I tried the Turkish Pide on recommendation… And it was similar to a pizza […]

Tavern II- Des Moines, Iowa


I had the opportunity to spend Christmas in Des Moines, Iowa with Jon’s mom and family. We had a great trip!! Also, we ate some pizza at a well-known restaurant called ‘Tavern.’ There are a few locations in Des Moines, and one was located across from our hotel! This institution started in 1945. Continue reading Tavern II- Des Moines, Iowa

Pasquarelli’s Pizza House- Mc Kees Rocks, PA

Meat Pizza

I’ve been working in Pittsburgh, PA on an Oracle implementation and have met some fun people on the client side. Dee was excited to learn about my blog and actually compiled a list of pizza places to try while I’m in PA. This was our first adventure to check out all the best pizza near town. She brought in pizza from her local pizzeria that she’s been eating at forever. One meat pizza, one veggie pizza, one romano cheese pizza, and some awesomely spiced breadsticks. Continue reading Pasquarelli’s Pizza House- Mc Kees Rocks, PA

Pat’s Pizzeria- Lincoln Park

The last time I was in Chicago it was awesome and busy. My sister just moved into the city for the first time after a 5 year stint in Colorado. I was so happy and spent all weekend with her to get her apartment in tip-top shape. By Sunday, we were exhausted! On the way back from our last shopping trip, we hit up Pat’s pizzeria for super thin ZA near her apartment. Continue reading Pat’s Pizzeria- Lincoln Park

Fat Tommy’s-Pittsburgh

I enjoyed having a few slices at the classic Fat Tommy’s in Market Square, Pittsburgh. This place has been around for a while and listening to Fat Tommy’s husky voice adds to the ambiance of this part counter-service /part carryout pizzeria. We sat at the bar for lunch. I had the pepperoni slice and the white pizza (no sauce with sliced tomatoes). I enjoyed both of the slices and this place was packed when I arrived. I also got a taste of the Fontanini sausage on a slice as well! Love Fontanini. It’s funny because I rarely go to slice shops, but both slices were cooked through with real-tasting cheese. None of that crappy stuff. The only greasy part of the ZA was because of the pepperoni, so I was alright with that. The thin crust was very NYC and I was able to fold the pizza over and chow down. Will be back here for a quick bite soon.

Continue reading Fat Tommy’s-Pittsburgh