Four Star- (Upper Crust)-Bermuda

There are some SLIM pickings in Bermuda, so finding new places with quality pizza is difficult. Finding a place that delivers out of town is even tougher. Upper Crust is a chain of carryout restaurants located in multiple parishes on the island. The Flatt’s village location is closest to Jon’s apartment, and when I […]

My Love for Old Town Pizza Co

I am amazed at the supportive community in the pizza world! The more pizza events I attend, the more I learn about great people in the pizza business. Because pizza is a universal food, everyone can tell their own story about it…

At my first pizza event, the Pizza Executive Summit in Chicago, I met Brianna & Jonathan Cowan. They are a young couple running a take-out & delivery pizzeria in Orland Park, IL. Not only was their enthusiasm contagious, but their passion for business & growth helped me a see another side of the pizza world.

I was lucky enough to stop by their shop, Old Town Pizza Company, when I was working in Lemont, IL. It was truly a treat. Here are some things I learned… Continue reading My Love for Old Town Pizza Co

Eduardo’s Enoteca

I absolutely love it when new pizzerias open up… especially when they are in my favorite city… AND when they have rebranded themselves. Eduardo’s Enoteca is a wine bar that used to be a good ol’ Edwardos. I really enjoy Edwardos, and I’ve already written two  posts about them. But now that they completely changed their menu (but kept the carryout/delivery operation), the place looks brand new!

5 girlfriends and I arrived at the restaurant around 6:30, quite early for a Saturday night. We came ready to wine & dine and were satisfied with the options. In fact, there were too many good options to choose from.

  • We were given some of the fresh mozzarella crostini as a light starter to our meal. As much as I love mozzarella & tomatoes, I learned that I enjoy balsamic and/or olive oil as well. It needed a tad more flavor to make me fall in love.  Then again, the fresh mozzarella was superb. Continue reading Eduardo’s Enoteca

Pizza Hut + Proposals?!

So yes, Pizza Hut is offering a proposal package along with a $10 dinner meal… This is no contest or sweepstakes, they are offering a $10,010 package on their website. Intriguing? I’m not sure. Quirky? YES.

So, would you do it? As much as I love pizza, that is […]

Godfather’s Pizza

Golden pan crust pizza

So I know I tell all my readers that I’m traveling to Florida, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City for work… but there are also some other stellar (or non-stellar) business trips to other destinations. Recently, I was in Enid, Oklahoma, to help out with a training session. Enid is appx. one hour and 40 minutes driving from Oklahoma City, and there is a small downtown square with a handful of restaurants. One night, we wanted some pizza, and the hotel recommended Godfather’s. I’ve heard a great deal about this chain, and never tried it! Continue reading Godfather’s Pizza