Argus Brewery Frozen Pizza

Check out this new pizza on the market in Chicago grocery stores! Continue reading Argus Brewery Frozen Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen Flatbreads- Frozen Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen Oven Pizza. Oven made. Margherita and pepperoni. I liked the way they cooked up and enjoyed the crunchy bites, but honestly not too much flavor at all. Wouldn’t rank it over a DiGiorno or Home Run Inn oven pie!



Happiness. That it is. I went to Eataly with some great friends and the hyper atmosphere was fun and overwhelming. I wish my stomach was bigger… I wish we didn’t have to sit down to try pizza and that we could just get it and eat it in a corner. But […]

National Pizza Week 2013 in Review

Happy Belated National Pizza Week!

Although I was in Temple, Texas for most of the week, I still had some opportunities to eat ZA.

AND my weeks go from Monday-Monday, so I’m including the Golden Globes Sunday as part of my week. Here’s my short feedback on the four pizzas eaten 🙂

Schlotzkys- […]

DiGiorno 200 Calorie Portions

Oh yes, I microwaved pizza. It is not my proudest moment, but I was hungry, sick of fast food, and wanted something easy. I picked up the DiGiorno Cheese & Tomato flatbread pizzas for under $3.00. The box had two portions, but I only ate one. Continue reading DiGiorno 200 Calorie Portions