Uno Deep Dish Pizza

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Eastside Cafe Pizza- Whole Foods

Jon & I rented a car one day, and when we couldn’t think of anything else to do, we decided to eat. With Jon’s roommate, Sal, as our accomplice, we headed to Whole Foods in the South Loop to conquer dinner… but we didn’t have ANY idea what to eat. After going back and forth about eating the ready-made food in the grocery store, we decided to grab a few items and head back to their apartment in the loop.

While we were looking for random fixings (chips & salsa, booze, etc), we happened across some ZA on sale in the center bin of the frozen section. I was intrigued for the following reasons: #1- It was cheap!! $6 per pizza is not a bad deal in Whole Foods, although it is still more costly than Jack’s pizza. #2- The cheese was NOODLE-like. Noodles? Pizza? I was confused and excitedly anxious to try some. Continue reading Eastside Cafe Pizza- Whole Foods

Home Run Inn Pizza

This is a big post, folks: In the past few weeks, I went to a free-standing Home Run Inn Pizzeria AND tried their new Ultra-Thin Frozen pizza… Needless to say, it was a ton of fun 🙂


I have always grown up loving Home Run Inn frozen pizza… it’s a Chicagoland thing for sure. The frozen par-baked pizza cooks up perfectly with its flaky butter crust. This was a staple in my house because of my dad’s continued obsession with the pizza. In fact, a few months ago, my dad ordered a variety pack of HRI pizzas to be shipped to his house in Florida because they originally didn’t sell it in the grocery stores.

There is a new kind of pizza out! Home Run Inn Ultra Thin Frozen pizzas… less carbs, healthier option (280-380 calories per 6 inches of pizza). After work last week, I stopped off at the Jewel to see the assortment of pizzas from Home Run Inn. Although I was tempted to get the same old regular cheese pizza, I couldn’t help but compare the calorie count to the ultra-thin. Continue reading Home Run Inn Pizza

Reggio’s Frozen Pizza Dinner

So I went to the grocery store to restock my fridge today and couldn’t resist checking out the frozen pizza section. Usually I share late night food with friends, but I often cook dinner on my own after work. I try to be fancy, but tonight I just felt like eating a pizza!

I […]