Westin O’hare Pizza- Rosemont, IL


I was in Rosemont for company training and the Westin O’hare catered our lunch. At first I was wondering who the pizzeria was because the pies were packed into pizza boxes. In fact, all pizzas were homemade by the Westin chef. The style attempted to mimic a Giordano’s pie with fluffly crust and cheese topping, but it fell short. The cheese was congealed in a weird way, and the crust was not something I wanted to savor when I reached the end of the slice. A bit too dry and flavorless. Not the best representation of Chicago pizza for my new coworkers, but still impressive for the hotel to make them. Continue reading Westin O’hare Pizza- Rosemont, IL

BBQ Pineapple Pizza & Other Delights

My family and I spent some time in the Chicago burbs and it was great seeing our friends! We went over to the Kaizer house and were presented with a GREAT summer meal including homemade pizza. I was impressed and excited! They even made homemade sauce. I personally loved the BBQ chicken & pineapple pizza. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, but everything about it was great! Read along for a brief description by Lauren and some appetizing before & after pics. Thanks Kaizer family! Continue reading BBQ Pineapple Pizza & Other Delights

Homemade(ish) Pizza

I never wrote this blog with an intention of creating my own masterpiece pizza. The focus of my blog is to highlight others who are good at making pizza, so I can sit back and enjoy. Well, one night in Bermuda, Jon suggested we make some of our own pizza, so we set off to do just that.

Margherita Pizza Attempt!

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Frozen Pizza in Atlanta

Yum Yum I LOVE frozen pizzas!

I have a great coworker, Chris, who invited me to the Atlanta Winter Beer Festival when I was in town one weekend. It was FRIGID in Atlanta, and even I wore my ski jacket & gloves… still shivered. It was not the most ideal conditions for drinking beer outdoors, but we still made the best of it. After the festival, we stopped by a Publix (common grocery store) to pick up frozen pizzas and more beer. Continue reading Frozen Pizza in Atlanta

Trader Joe’s Pizza Party

My weekends in Chicago are limited, and when I’m in town, I try to get together with the girls for a meal or two :). This past Friday I was a bit wiped from traveling, so dining in was a perfect option!

Sam wanted to bring a pizza from Domino’s, regardless of what we were cooking, but I suggested we make some pizza! My friend, Lauren, generously hosted us at her place. It turns out she is also a skilled pizza maker along with her other fab cooking skills.

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