Trader Joe’s Pizza Party

My weekends in Chicago are limited, and when I’m in town, I try to get together with the girls for a meal or two :). This past Friday I was a bit wiped from traveling, so dining in was a perfect option!

Sam wanted to bring a pizza from Domino’s, regardless of what we were cooking, but I suggested we make some pizza! My friend, Lauren, generously hosted us at her place. It turns out she is also a skilled pizza maker along with her other fab cooking skills.

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Mini Lasagnas

I saw these pizza-like creations in a magazine while waiting at the doctor’s office. Instantly, I knew we had cooking to do this week!

I don’t really love pasta, but the fact that the ‘lasagna’ part was wonton wrappers really sold me!

I made a trip to Publix just before my sister arrived in town from Colorado, and got started on the creation. Continue reading Mini Lasagnas

Smoked Pizza

I would like to wish everyone a happy start to “NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH”! It’s October, and when it’s getting cold out, it’s a great time to take full advantage of pizza 🙂 If you happen to eat some great pizza, PLEASE let me know!

I was sitting at the office one day and overheard a coworker talking about pizza. Instantly, I perked up and listened in. Michael has taken full advantaged of his smoker (THE BIG GREEN EGG) to grill some pizza on a pizza stone. I was definitely impressed and asked him to send over some pictures to display to you.

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Homemade Pizza (by Jori Griffith)

I am guilty of sitting on facebook every so often (or all the time), and a pizza photo came through my news feed—it looked SO good. It turns out the post was from Jori Griffith, a friend from high school who just got married! Anyway, I asked her for her ‘recipe’ and wanted to […]

Homemade Deep Dish Pizza- Brian Kirshenbaum

On Friday night, I had the great privilege of making homemade pizza with my second cousin, Brian. Jon & I took the metra to Evanston and got to experience the glory that is HOMEMADE DEEP DISH pizza… not something you do every day. While we were there, I learned that BJ (or BK, depending […]