Brick’s Chicago

So you’re walking down Lincoln Avenue just south of Armitage, and you see this image:

Yes, the awning in front of a typical condo building leads to an indoor restaurant a couple of steps underground. Surrounded by bricks (as the name would assume) is a cozy dimly-lit bar & dining room. Bricks Chicago is […]

Homemade Pizza Company

Homemade Pizza Company is pizza you cook at home. Not frozen, not ordered in, not so cheap, but much better than any pizza I’ve cooked in my oven.

This past weekend I celebrated Halloween with my two favorite things-> my friends & pizza. Nine girls came to my apartment to sample a variety of […]

Homemade Pita Pizza

Last week on twitter, I saw a Food Network recipe posted and it was conveniently a Pita Pizza. I was excited and saved it in my internet favorites, only to pull it out last evening and make myself a yummy pizza on pita bread! I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a […]