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Pizza Expo 2017

My <3 For Pizza Expo in this Acrostic Poem Party with 6400 Friends Informative seminars Zero unhappy attendees Za for days… every style, every way Acrobatic competitions @World Pizza Games Exchanging ideas with fellow pizzeria owners eXcellent pizzas sampled @ Intl. Pizza Challenge Products galore for all pizzeria needs!! Only place to learn more and get better […]



If you’re visiting for the first time, Welcome! Most current pizza pies are on Instagram at @SLICEofFELICIA and Facebook at Pizza Lover Chicago Want to know where the critics eat? [Click Here!] Check a list of posts on the lefthand side or [HERE]

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6 Years of Blogging

I must say, being a #pizzablogger has come in waves for me. In my first years I was all about gaining followers and attending social media events in Chicago to learn more. Then I traveled for consulting and took my blog to locations far past Chicago, and also was able to attend events in Orlando, New York, […]


Pizza Expo 2016- The Anticipation

This will be my FIFTH year at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV. I will only be able to attend from Sunday (Mar 6) to Tuesday evening… short visit this year since I am supporting my fiance at a conference. But I am so excited to see familiar faces and hang with old friends. I’m lucky to […]