Pizza Rock – Las Vegas

When at the pizza expo convention hall all day, what do you do after the long day? Join a pizza crawl, of course! Scott Wiener officiated the whole crawl and brought together bunches of people from all walks of pizza life. We kicked off the crawl at Pizza Rock, where Scott played master of ceremonies and […]

Flour & Barley-Las Vegas

This place was a bummer in the TO GO area! Spot located near the new Ferris wheel in Vegas.

They had slices out from hoursss ago. I’m telling you, HOURS (Or at least that’s what I remember). As in, I asked which slice was the freshest, and they said they made a pie an […]

Metro Pizza- Las Vegas

We could only be so lucky to spend time with a large pizza crew on a pizza crawl in Las Vegas that spanned from Fremont Street to Tropicana… and we hit up one of the highest-rated off-strip pizzerias in town. Not to mention the owner was awesome as well.

The pizza… awesome. My stomach… […]

Craft Pizza- Pizza Walk 2015

And then there were 6. Our official last stop on the pizza walk was Pizza House 1647, but our friends Jon and Bri were up for more (Disclaimer: they own a pizzeria, so it makes total sense), and six of us headed for a few more pies.

We went to Craft Pizza, which is a counter-style BYOB […]

Pizza House 1647- Pizza Walk 2015

What can I say about this great business?  We had a long walk from Dante’s to Pizza House, and our crew arrived hungry and looking for a few other food items to complement the pizza intake. I must say, the response on other dishes was wildly positive. The salad in particular had rave reviews! Thanks to […]