Siena Tavern- Chicago

One of the hottest restaurants in River North is the new Siena Tavern. My girlfriends and I were able to snag a seat on the early side and were excited to see what the hype was about. Continue reading Siena Tavern- Chicago

Bar Umbriago

On one of my crazy short visits to Chicago, I met up with Corey & Sara in River North. We stumbled upon Bar Umbriago, which apparently is closing soon! The restaurant was busy, but we were immediately seated at a high-top table near the entrance. We shared a pizza and roasted peppers along with some Vino. The cold peppers were full of flavor and adorned with fresh garlic & oil. Sara and I put some of the peppers on our pizza as well.

We ordered a simple margherita pizza. Although it doesn’t have to be fancy, I expected more since they described the cheese as buffala mozzarella. Normally you would see dollops of fresh cheese, that was not the case. There was enough sauce, but the crust was quite bland. Either way, the ambiance was hip and inviting. Although the restaurant is going out of business, I’m sure another hot spot will open up here shortly. Continue reading Bar Umbriago

Backspace Pizzeria- Austin, TX

Another classic pizzeria to bring me back to the world of ZA! I really enjoyed dining at Backspace pizzeria. Located right at San Jacinto & 6th Street, this gem is in prime location with quality choices and promises great food. The size of the pizzas were much smaller than my last pie at Il Cane Rosso. Of course I got the margherita pizza, which was fluffy, crunchy, and FRESH with red sauce and olive oil edges. I also tried their tasty Brussel Sprouts since they were part of the special happy hour deal. Eating at the pizza bar also added to my enjoyment. I love seeing people prepare my food, and it fits in with the foodie craze. Continue reading Backspace Pizzeria- Austin, TX

Uncommon Ground

I’ve always heard the best things about Uncommon Ground, so I was excited to celebrate Bailey’s birthday there. Ordered the only pizza on the menu, of course.

Sausage, spinach, red pepper, and fancy cheeses. The crust was a flavorful naan type of bread. Very satisfying. They had stuffed squash and loved it. I look forward to trying more of their food options when I can.

20130202-113416.jpg Continue reading Uncommon Ground

Blu- Bermuda

I met a man on a recent flight to Bermuda who has been working on the island for over a year and flies back and forth quite often. He invited Jon & me to dinner at his favorite spot, Blu, since it is right near his cottage. The restaurant has sushi, Italian, American, and Asian food on its menu, so there was plenty to choose from… almost too much!

Continue reading Blu- Bermuda