Beluga Sushi Pizza- Bermuda

There are some awesome sushi places in Bermuda, and one of them happens to serve a Japanese pizza. All I can say is that it is quite heavenly… with guacamole on top and crunchy goodness inside! Not truly pizza, but I’m not complaining!

La Trattoria- Bermuda

On National Pizza Day 2016 (and many other days), I headed to La Trattoria pizzeria with a small crew for lunch! I love La Trattoria’s italiano decor, and their service is efficient as well! This is the place we tend to go for a pie when we’re in town (Hamilton) and looking for some ZA.

On this particular occasion, we had 4 pizzas for 4 people… plenty to share! The thin crust here is great, and it’s fun to check out their wood-burning oven! Major points for that :) Below are some of the awesome pizzas we gleefully consumed this time around.

Arugula- Arugula, parma ham (prosciutto), mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

Arugula- Arugula, parma ham (prosciutto), mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

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1609- Bermuda

The pizza was alright here, but the view is phenomenal!

1609 Pizza- Portuguese Chorizo, Caramelized Onion

I actually liked their tacos a lot, and Jon was a fan of the fish chowder […]

Cafe Amici- Bermuda

We had some GREAT service from Cafe Amici when our friend Natalie asked for some pizzas and food to the Fun Golf area!

We had a variety of pies, and they were very adventurous!

Hawaiian Pizza!

Hamburger-esque Pizza with ground meat and BBQ Sauce

Pepperoni Pie

Chicken Curry Pie… Woah […]

Tribe Road Kitchen- Bermuda

Tribe Road Kitchen is a spot in downtown Hamilton, Bermuda which currently serves lunch every day, brunch on the weekends, and pizza on friday nights & saturdays. I think they are expanding their evening hours, but as of now, that’s what they have going. People rave about their pizza, so I finally gave it a try. Continue reading Tribe Road Kitchen- Bermuda