El Cuartito- Buenos Aires

An Argentine Experience

On this past trip to Argentina, my team and I got a chance to check out one of the most notorious pizzerias in Buenos Aires: EL CUARTITO. I’ve written about Argentine pizza and how it differs from the USA. The crust is thicker, almost like a piece of toast, but surprisingly light among all the toppings. Continue reading El Cuartito- Buenos Aires

Pizza En Argentina

I cannot remember the name of the first place I had pizza in Buenos Aires. My manager, Alton, took me there a few hours after we landed. I am so excited to be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the next ~11 months, and can’t wait to eat a lot of… pizza? According to some quick research I conducted, Argentina has a lot of pride for their pizza. In fact, they even add their own special touch. It’s a fusion of Italian & Spanish culture and is widespread across the country.

The first pizza I ate had a thicker crust and not too much sauce. The cheese was plentiful and there were nice spices on top.

1st Pizza in Buenos Aires- tomatoes, red peppers, olives

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