Blaze Pizza- Santa Barbara, CA

Convenient & customizable! As it was my first time, I noticed they used a bit too much sauce combined with oil but that’s the beauty of custom pizzas… I can always ask for less next time!

Great concept!

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Mozza- Los Angeles

My margherita was quite perfection:) It was also fun to sit at the pizza bar and watch food being prepared, especially the way they lighly coated the edge of the crust with olive oil and dabbled a bit in the middle.

I definitely took the “safe” route as I saw far more prosciutto/vegetable/ […]

San Fran Pizza Tour




On a recent trip to Redwood City, CA, I had many hours to kill before my red-eye flight back east. I recruited a few coworkers to sample some pizza I’m downtown San Francisco. I did something similar with Scott Weiner when we realized both of us were in LA. The catch was that my coworkers had never visited SFO before, so I had to make sure we saw some sights too. I had 7 stops on my list… Ambitious I know. I ended up eating at 5 different pizzerias and enjoyed the experience trekking through the unusually cold weather and rain. 

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Sotto- Los Angeles

Can I just talk about my love for this place? Do I really need to write a full analysis-type review? This restaurant made me happy. It was the last stop for me on a Sunday pizza tour in LA before heading off to the airport for my red-eye. Everything was just perfect on these […]

800 Degrees- Los Angeles

Line out the door

GOLD. MINE. When talking about new trends, the chipotle style of dining (follow food preparer down the line of ingredients) reigns supreme. This pizzeria expedites Italian-style pizza creation and replicates the process. Continue reading 800 Degrees- Los Angeles