I have driven past this pizzeria so many times, and now that Jon is living in the Southport Corridor, it was quickly added to my “Must Try” list. D’Agostino’s is located on Addison & Southport, a short walk from Wrigley Field (three other locations exist). The bar-restaurant gets pretty crowded on game days, but we arrived late at night, so I couldn’t judge the traffic volume.

We pre-ordered two medium thin-crust pizzas and they were ready shortly after we got there. Jon, Sal, and I devoured the two pizzas and were happy and full.

D'Agostino's Pizzas- Top Pizza=BBQ Chicken (Comes with red onion). Bottom Pizza=Pepper, Onion, Sausage

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Pizza Rustica


Pizza Rustica

On the first day of National Pizza Month, Jon & I made plans to have a casual romantic meal at a nearby pizzeria. Pizza Rustica is located at the Sheridan Red line stop, just north of Wrigley Field. This small BYOB restaurant with the grill, pizza oven, and tables all in plain view, was packed full.

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Mista Pizza

I love going into my home office on Fridays. From Monday-Thursday, I work at my client’s office in the suburbs, so every Friday I cherish my short commute to the loop. My bus (156 Lasalle) dropped me off near Lasalle & Randolph, and I walked right past Mista Pizza, the third location of an […]

Frasca Pizzeria & Wine Bar

In an earlier post, I blogged about wanting to check out Frasca’s pizza cooking class. Little did I know, they offer the class every month. In honor of National Pizza Week, Alyssa, Dayna, and I went to the class on a Thursday night.

The oven…

We didn’t quite know what to expect, but we […]

Pizzerio Serio

Life lesson to all: If you buy a coupon (or Groupon), be sure to use it before it expires. I have had one instance where my coupon ‘expired’ and I couldn’t reap the benefits of the deal. When I purchased my “Living Social” deal for Pizzeria Serio in Lakeview, I made sure to use […]