Edwardos Deep Dish

Why, you might ask, have I gone to Edwardo’s again in the same month? Well I will tell you:1. It was not an original dinner plan2. It is extremely close to my apartment3. I have a groupon there, so it’s cheaper for my friends and I!

Last night we had a lovely dinner at Edwardo’s […]

Italian Village- Pre-show pizza

Happy Friday!

Last night, my boyfriend and I saw the musical “Rock of Ages.” It was a great show with amazing music from Journey, Styx, Poison, and other 80s groups. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and loved the corny premise and audience interaction. Anyway… back to the point of my post: PIZZA, obviously.

Jon & […]

Gino’s East

Happy Friday!

Last night was the NFL Season Opener & Jersey Shore… double whammy! Jon’s coworker invited us to his apartment to watch the game and the Jersey Shore, and he lives right near Gino’s East. Since he’s a fan of my pizza blog, he offered to order in some pizza for dinner.

He […]

Edwardo’s- National Cheese Pizza Day!

Happy belated National Cheese Pizza Day!

Yesterday was a monumental event: National Cheese Pizza Day. I follow @Foodimentary on twitter, and they tweet about different food holidays and quotes about food. I was so happy to learn that Sept 5 was National Cheese Pizza day, so I knew I had to get a pizza […]

Caffè Baci

Happy Friday!

At lunch today, some of my coworkers and I went to Caffe Baci for a quick pizza. It was a nice break from the office and although it was satisfying to eat some pizza, it’s not a place I would suggest to Chicago visitors.

Roma pizza (without sausage): Pepperoni, Red Onion, […]