Feast Restaurant

I had a great meal last week with my friend Lauren. We met up at Feast in the Gold Coast for an early dinner. It was great weather, so we sat outside and enjoyed some fresh bread while we perused the menu. Lauren chose the fiesta salad, which I was eying as well, but then my glance went to their ‘pizza’ section and I was hooked.

I ordered the Margherita pizza although they did have a few other options available. Restaurants that serve pizza are always a bit different than true pizzerias, but I couldn’t resist. Continue reading Feast Restaurant

Home Run Inn Pizza

This is a big post, folks: In the past few weeks, I went to a free-standing Home Run Inn Pizzeria AND tried their new Ultra-Thin Frozen pizza… Needless to say, it was a ton of fun 🙂


I have always grown up loving Home Run Inn frozen pizza… it’s a Chicagoland thing for sure. The frozen par-baked pizza cooks up perfectly with its flaky butter crust. This was a staple in my house because of my dad’s continued obsession with the pizza. In fact, a few months ago, my dad ordered a variety pack of HRI pizzas to be shipped to his house in Florida because they originally didn’t sell it in the grocery stores.

There is a new kind of pizza out! Home Run Inn Ultra Thin Frozen pizzas… less carbs, healthier option (280-380 calories per 6 inches of pizza). After work last week, I stopped off at the Jewel to see the assortment of pizzas from Home Run Inn. Although I was tempted to get the same old regular cheese pizza, I couldn’t help but compare the calorie count to the ultra-thin. Continue reading Home Run Inn Pizza

National Deep Dish Pizza Day-Anastasia’s

On Tuesday, April 5th, people across the country (or maybe just me) celebrated National Pizza Day. In honor of the first Uno’s Pizzeria outside of Chicago, pizza lovers like myself flocked to local restaurants to enjoy their share of pizza the thick way.

Being on a client in Waukegan was hard because I knew […]

Ciao Napoli

Ciao Napoli Oven

The Oven at Ciao Napoli

A few weeks ago, Jon’s sister, Kelsey, and her fiancé, Matt, came to visit Chicago! They really wanted to try out Longman & Eagle because they had heard great things. With 11 people in our party, we took cabs out to Logan Square around 8pm on Friday night, […]

Edwardo’s Pizza Fundraiser! (Karing For A CURE)

Good morning!


I am part of an amazing campaign to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma research! The Leukemia & Lymphoma society hosts a Man & Woman of the Year competition to raise funds for blood cancer research in honor of children who are local blood […]