Happiness. That it is. I went to Eataly with some great friends and the hyper atmosphere was fun and overwhelming. I wish my stomach was bigger… I wish we didn’t have to sit down to try pizza and that we could just get it and eat it in a corner. But […]

Pat’s Pizzeria- Lincoln Park

The last time I was in Chicago it was awesome and busy. My sister just moved into the city for the first time after a 5 year stint in Colorado. I was so happy and spent all weekend with her to get her apartment in tip-top shape. By Sunday, we were exhausted! On the way back from our last shopping trip, we hit up Pat’s pizzeria for super thin ZA near her apartment. Continue reading Pat’s Pizzeria- Lincoln Park


Home sweet ‘alexi’s couch’. I made a last-minute trip to Chicago, and spent Thursday night on Alexi, Danny, & Kevin’s couch watching TV and eating pizza. I ordered in Ranalli’s extra thin crust ZA with some fresh mozz. It truly was super thin with a tomato-paste-like sauce. So yes, only downside was flavorless sauce, but all else was great. Needless to say, I polished off the medium pizza on my own. I have not done something like this in a long time… the combination of relaxing, quiet time, and delivery pizza made for a perfect evening.

Welcome to Chicago, Felicia!

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Wooden Paddle Pizza- Orland Park, IL

I love pizza adventures! When I was in Chicago, Nicole and I took a trip to the new WOODEN PADDLE PIZZA. I’m sure I’ve told you before, but I love young adults who follow their passion and make a business out of it. I adore Jonathan and Brianna, and am so proud of them for trying their hand at a new concept that could change the way people eat GOOD pizza. I’ll let you read on to Nicole’s review of the pizzeria (Thanks Nicole!): Continue reading Wooden Paddle Pizza- Orland Park, IL

Vines On Clark

Margherita Pizza

Wrigleyville. Cubs. Beers. Food… which led us to ordering a pizza among a handful of other appetizers at Vines on Clark.

The pizza had a ton of cheese and sauce on it, and was surprisingly cooked through and crunchy on the edges. The tomato sauce was more of a bland tomato […]