Bar Umbriago

On one of my crazy short visits to Chicago, I met up with Corey & Sara in River North. We stumbled upon Bar Umbriago, which apparently is closing soon! The restaurant was busy, but we were immediately seated at a high-top table near the entrance. We shared a pizza and roasted peppers along with some Vino. The cold peppers were full of flavor and adorned with fresh garlic & oil. Sara and I put some of the peppers on our pizza as well.

We ordered a simple margherita pizza. Although it doesn’t have to be fancy, I expected more since they described the cheese as buffala mozzarella. Normally you would see dollops of fresh cheese, that was not the case. There was enough sauce, but the crust was quite bland. Either way, the ambiance was hip and inviting. Although the restaurant is going out of business, I’m sure another hot spot will open up here shortly. Continue reading Bar Umbriago

Lou Malnati’s

This one is for all of my friends who claim that Lou’s is the best pizza in Chicago. I love Lou’s and always have, but as I was growing up, I was always a bit peeved at my friends because they were OBSESSED… but I am an equal opportunity pizza lover. Anyway, a new Lou Malnati’s popped up in the Gold Coast next to the Cedar Hotel. You can imagine my excitement when I turned the corner from my apartment to see a ‘Coming Soon’ sign for Lou’s in my neighborhood. Lou Malnati’s officially opened July 4th, but Jon & I were invited to check it out a few days before as the staff was getting acclimated.


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Pizzeria Due

Numero Uno Pizza

Pizzeria Due
Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due are two original pizzerias in the River North/Mag Mile neighborhood of Chicago. When my girlfriends gave me an Uno’s gift card for my birthday, I was so excited to use it! I have had the original Uno’s before, so I wanted to take the chance to use it at Due’s. The “one-and-only” “original” Pizzeria Due is located one block from the Pizzeria Uno. In the summertime, both have lines, but tourists are often wary of visiting Due’s… Still, they claim to serve the same pizza, and both will ultimately give you a Chicago deep dish experience.

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Hubbard Inn

I have anxiously awaited checking out one of the new Chicago  hotspots, Hubbard Inn. When I arrived last night, the warm, comfortable ambiance welcomed us into the room. I met my friend, Alyssa, for dinner, and we enjoyed a few glasses of wine with our meal.When I read the menu, my eyes were instantly drawn to the flatbread section, so I knew we had to share a flatbread as an appetizer. Continue reading Hubbard Inn

La Madia

I had a lovely Saturday night and enjoyed celebrating my birthday with 8 of my girlfriends. My official birthday was Wednesday 1/26, and I had so many people telling me to enjoy some pizza. I didn’t indulge that day, but saved it for Saturday where I could check out La Madia, a contemporary pizzeria […]