Iron Horse- Chicago, IL

I had the opportunity to crawl for a cause earlier this year to support a charity “Salute, Inc.” with my favorite blog fan and friend Bailey Hatch (photo below). Jon and I had a great time cruising the metra line with a large crowd to help raise money for this great organization.

At the […]

Westin O’hare Pizza- Rosemont, IL


I was in Rosemont for company training and the Westin O’hare catered our lunch. At first I was wondering who the pizzeria was because the pies were packed into pizza boxes. In fact, all pizzas were homemade by the Westin chef. The style attempted to mimic a Giordano’s pie with fluffly crust and cheese topping, but it fell short. The cheese was congealed in a weird way, and the crust was not something I wanted to savor when I reached the end of the slice. A bit too dry and flavorless. Not the best representation of Chicago pizza for my new coworkers, but still impressive for the hotel to make them. Continue reading Westin O’hare Pizza- Rosemont, IL

Wooden Paddle Pizza- Orland Park, IL

I love pizza adventures! When I was in Chicago, Nicole and I took a trip to the new WOODEN PADDLE PIZZA. I’m sure I’ve told you before, but I love young adults who follow their passion and make a business out of it. I adore Jonathan and Brianna, and am so proud of them for trying their hand at a new concept that could change the way people eat GOOD pizza. I’ll let you read on to Nicole’s review of the pizzeria (Thanks Nicole!): Continue reading Wooden Paddle Pizza- Orland Park, IL

My Love for Old Town Pizza Co

I am amazed at the supportive community in the pizza world! The more pizza events I attend, the more I learn about great people in the pizza business. Because pizza is a universal food, everyone can tell their own story about it…

At my first pizza event, the Pizza Executive Summit in Chicago, I met Brianna & Jonathan Cowan. They are a young couple running a take-out & delivery pizzeria in Orland Park, IL. Not only was their enthusiasm contagious, but their passion for business & growth helped me a see another side of the pizza world.

I was lucky enough to stop by their shop, Old Town Pizza Company, when I was working in Lemont, IL. It was truly a treat. Here are some things I learned… Continue reading My Love for Old Town Pizza Co


I recently spent a nice meal with my some of the only Braude’s left in Chicagoland- Julia, Kevin, and Cheryl. The cousins (sans MSU rockstar, Josh) picked me up at the train station in Northbrook, IL, and we stopped over at Marcello’s, A Father & Son restaurant, for some family food.

Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Kev with our pizza

Continue reading Marcello’s