Gino’s East

Happy Friday!

Last night was the NFL Season Opener & Jersey Shore… double whammy! Jon’s coworker invited us to his apartment to watch the game and the Jersey Shore, and he lives right near Gino’s East. Since he’s a fan of my pizza blog, he offered to order in some pizza for dinner.

He […]

Edwardo’s- National Cheese Pizza Day!

Happy belated National Cheese Pizza Day!

Yesterday was a monumental event: National Cheese Pizza Day. I follow @Foodimentary on twitter, and they tweet about different food holidays and quotes about food. I was so happy to learn that Sept 5 was National Cheese Pizza day, so I knew I had to get a pizza […]

Sweet Tomatoes

Today was a rough day. My coworker and friend, Nishi, and I started our two-week engagement at a client in Waukegan, IL. Nothing says commute like a 5:30 am wake up call just to sit in traffic for quite some time from the city to the FAR north suburbs. But alas, when 11:45 am rolled around and […]