Duettos- Key West, FL

My sister and I had an awesome getaway to Key West, FL. We walked a LOT, and one of our food stops was at Duetto’s pizza. Rated as the best pizzeria in Key West, we couldn’t resist.

Since it was a slow Saturday, I was nervous to order the slices that were sitting […]

Blade Sushi & Vida Italian- Miami

This combination Sushi/Italian joint at the Fontainebleau afforded us an opportunity to order a random assortment of food on our last day in Miami. We started out with a pizza and finished up with some sushi rolls, salad, and edamame. Here are some shots of the pizza:

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Flame Caffe & Grill- Miami

Pizza at this restaurant was subpar. It was very depressing and I’m not going to discuss it in detail… or I will cry :).

We headed to Espanola Way, an awesome busy pedestrian street in Miami where there are cute restaurants with outdoor seating. We ended up dining at Flame Caffe […]

Vic & Angelo’s- West Palm Beach, FL

I have visited this restaurant 3 times before in Delray Beach, FL. One night, we had a team dinner with approximately 12 consultants in attendance. Our team’s Sr. VP was in town, so we organized a meal at Vic & Angelo’s in West Palm Beach. I was very excited because I remember the food being high-quality and satisfying.

MMM PIZZA... worst angle for photos, but cut me some slack!

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Piola- Hallendale Beach, FL

Remember the time that the Hunger Games premiered?! Well I do. I was one of those people who went to the midnight showing. Here’s my reasoning. I was supposed to be leaving Friday morning to fly out of the country for the week, so I would hear all the hype about the movie and miss out on the experience. Therefore, I declared I must see it Thursday at midnight. I got in touch with my temp Floridian friend, Rachel, who is at PA school near Miami. I left work in West Palm Beach to meet her and our friend Jodi, who was visiting, and we had a pre-movie meal before the show. Continue reading Piola- Hallendale Beach, FL