Grande Pizza- Boca Raton

I recently had an opportunity to meet up with the Florida pizza blogger- Craig Agranoff of He blogs about restaurants in Florida and has few other contributors to his website. When I started working at my client in West Palm Beach, I got in contact with him, and we met at one of his preferred pizzerias in Boca- Grande Pizza.

Crusty Cheese- Grande Pizza

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Scuola Vecchia

Regina Margherita Pizza- Scuola VecchiaI was REALLY hoping for a Neapolitan pizzeria to ‘wow’ me in Florida. My expectations in this state are pretty low, but when I saw WorstPizza’s positive review about a pizza place on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, I had to check it out. Jon was in town one weekend and my mom wanted to try it as well. We walked in around 8:15pm to a relatively packed restaurant. The space is small, hosting approximately 12 parties at a time, and the white chairs, white walls, white table lent itself to be meticulously clean.
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Pizza Al Fresco

Pizza with coworkers is always fun. One of our coworkers, Jordan, suggested an upscale pizzeria he recently visited with his girlfriend. Our group of eight took a nice lunch break and drove up to Worth Avenue, the ‘Fifth Avenue’ of Palm Beach, Florida. The weather was warm, our stomachs were grumbling, and we sat down for a nice meal.

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Carmine’s- Palm Beach

Although Florida is not known for its pizza, I still have to satisfy my cravings when I’m in town on business. Beth (a coworker & friend) was talking about my blog to our client, and he insisted that we try Carmine’s near Palm Beach Gardens. How could we protest? 🙂 Ron & his wife have been living in Florida for some time now, and they often visit Carmine’s because of the comfortable homestyle Italian dining. They also enjoy live entertainment on the weekends at this joint along the inter-coastal.

Along with some great wine, Beth & I split a LARGE pizza… and this was quite large. ½ was for me, and ½ was for Beth. Their menu boasted a list of appx. Ten pizza combos, along with a make-your-own option.

1/2 Pizza Carmine, 1/2 Pizza Florence

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Pizza Girls

Now that I am working in Florida for the next month or so, I had to start checking out some of the pizza in West Palm Beach & Surrounding areas. My coworkers showed me a great night at the World of Beer, a bar where they do not serve food. The magic is that there are a handful of restaurants that will deliver food to your exact seat in the bar, and the World of Beer encourages it!

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