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Don Antonio- Atlanta, GA

Yes Yes, the title is confusing for New Yorkers, but there really is a new location in Georgia! We went to the new Don Antonio pizzeria in Atlanta, GA back in March, and the quality was top notch. We may have ordered too much food for only 3 people, but every menu item was mouth-watering […]

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Ecco Atlanta Airport- Atlanta, GA

This flatbread was nice! No complaints. I like Varsanos better for ATL airport pizzas, but the flavored crust, touch of salt, and fresh basil were all on-point. The ambiance here was great, and it’s a lovely place to kick off an international flight! I really don’t have any complaints about this italian restaurant, especially because most airports have […]

Casual, Dine-in, Georgia

Alon’s Bakery- Atlanta

I was so happy to be working in Atlanta for a short time because we had to rent cars, which gave us some freedom. So I purchased some passes to a fitness class I like and wanted to pick up some whole foods-style prepared snacks. Alon’s bakery is an open floor plan “store” that has […]