Varsano’s Pizzeria-Atlanta

On a weekend trip to Atlanta, I had time to see friends from work AND eat some pizza… although there’s always time for pizza! We went to my friend Jeff Varsano’s pizzeria in the Buckhead neighborhood and ate a lot (maybe too much!) of pizza. I think we sampled most of the menu, and it was great because once we fell in love with the crust, we were able to evaluate the creative topping combinations that worked so well together. Continue reading Varsano’s Pizzeria-Atlanta

Antico Pizza- Atlanta, GA

Antico Pizza Napoletana…

YUM… please go here if you are in Atlanta.

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Fellini’s -Atlanta, GA

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia on a business trip. I was elated because my best friend, Rachel, moved down there to attend a creative art/advertising program for the next few years! In my 5-day span, I ate at two famous burger joints (Vortex and Flip Burger) and 2 pizzerias (Fellini’s and Antico Pizza Napoletana). I will admit that I fell in love with Antico and was not as pleased with Fellini’s, but that is because Fellini’s is considered a chill place where the locals go. Nobody claimed Fellini’s as the best, and I am okay with that.

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