Picco- Boston, MA

Small Pizza : 1/2 Alsatian (sautéed onions, shallots, garlic, crème fraîche, bacon & gruyere ) 1/2 Margherita

I had the happiest solo din in Boston earlier this week! I sat at the bar of Picco, a restaurant in the theater area on Tremont Street. Continue reading Picco- Boston, MA

Tripoli Bakery- Lawrence, MA

20140623-152908-55748685.jpgAh… New locations!! I am working near Boston and went to check out tripoli bakery with the help of my rental car. The bakery side looked too tempting but I went over to the pizza area where I observed their pizza making process.


Pizzeria Regina- Boston

Boston is a great city. I had never been before, and I’ve always been interested in exploring the USA since I came back from Europe. I went to see my friend, Alexi, and my one and only request was to go out for pizza at a well-rated pizzeria. She probably already had this in mind, but of course I had to reinforce this desire. So she checked her sources to learn that Pizzeria Regina was the best around, and I confirmed with mine that it was part of Boston pizza lists.

On Friday night, Alexi, her friend Gina, and I headed to the famous North End to sample some of the greatness in Boston. There was a line outside the restaurant, so we took time for a photo opportunity! The General Manager, Richie Zapata, was seating parties and estimating wait times, clearly working to handle the busy crowd. Continue reading Pizzeria Regina- Boston