50 Friends- Mexico City

It is now my third time visiting Mexico City for work. Often times I am content eating dinners at the hotel, but last week, I happily explored an area quite like Rush Street in Chicago. Less than 10 minutes walking from the hotel, I passed through Lincoln Park (sounds like Chicago) and approached a mecca of restaurants lining the streets.

”]The first thing I noticed was a lack of traditional Mexican restaurants, except for a few walk-up counters¬† in the area. Otherwise, I saw Asian, Argentine, French, and Italian cuisine. Of course, pizza was part of the menu at many Italian restaurants. Although those caught my eye, I went straight toward “50Friends,” a brick oven pizzeria (with some pasta & sandwich dishes) overlooking Lincoln Park. Continue reading 50 Friends- Mexico City

Dominos- Cancun

Oh Yes, when I was in Cancun a few weeks ago, I craved pizza… in fact, many of my friends craved some late night pizza. Here is my review of pizza in Cancun, and most importantly, Domino’s in Cancun!

Domino's Cancun!

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Lucky Luciano- Mexico City

I had such a great time on my first trip to Mexico City! I will be traveling there each month for my job, so I definitely have to keep an eye out for some pizzerias…

Diego and I took a walk down Avenida Presidente Masaryk, one of the trendiest “Michigan Avenue” streets, and noted a few restaurants to check out during our visits. One of them was Lucky Luciano. Lucky Luciano looks intriguing from the outside, and it is on the edge of a busy intersection. The design is modern and it is clear that they are imitating an American atmosphere…

Lucky Luciano at night- Found on google (speeddatesclub.com)

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