Pizza House 1647- Pizza Walk 2015

What can I say about this great business?  We had a long walk from Dante’s to Pizza House, and our crew arrived hungry and looking for a few other food items to complement the pizza intake. I must say, the response on other dishes was wildly positive. The salad in particular had rave reviews! Thanks to […]

Dante’s Pizzeria- Pizza Walk 2015

Honestly, the weather was so beautiful outside, and we loved strolling from the Boiler Room (on Humboldt Blvd) to the Dante’s location on Armitage Ave. Large pizzas once again, and a fan favorite for a few people in our group. Their awesomely designed menu,  6 tables, and barstool seating area was plenty for our third […]

Boiler Room- Pizza Walk 2015

We had a nice stroll to the Boiler Room to grab some more ZA on our pizza walk. The boiler room had MASSIVE pies. So we only ordered 2 for our large group of 15+ people.

People weren’t as impressed with the crust, but some loved its comparison to New York pizza. Survey respondents liked […]

Reno Chicago- Pizza Walk 2015

Our first stop on an epic pizza crawl in April began with Reno Chicago. This location was once another pizzeria that I wrote about in 2011, but it didn’t last. Reno is the hottest new spot because it is known for great breakfast food AND pizza. It was a perfect morning stop numero uno. We started […]

Di Fara- Las Vegas, NV

Nobody liked this Vegas imposter!

Less than thrilled


She says no!