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Pizza Brain- Philadelphia

Finally! I went on a day trip to Philly and Brianne and I had to stop at pizza brain! Duh! We got a cheese slice (Jane) and a hamburger-style (Whur Herpert) slice. Holy hamburger. That slice was a wild flavor combination mostly due to the topping of mustard/ketchup sauce. We loved checking out the museum […]

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Ephesus Pizza- Pittsburgh

It was my first time eating at Ephesus, a pizza joint near our office in Pittsburgh. The menu was exhausting at this fast-food-esque establishment. They had pizzas, fried foods, salads, sandwiches, along with turkish and Greek specialties. I tried the Turkish Pide on recommendation… And it was similar to a pizza without sauce. It seemed […]

Casual, Dine-in, Pennsylvania, Take-out

Stone Neapolitan- Pittsburgh

There’s this quick service pizzeria within walking distance to my clients office in Pittsburgh. We finally stopped by to see their fancy oven and eat their VPN pizza. My Margherita extra (has buffalo mozzarella) with caramelized onions was pretty spot on. Soggy center crust, good char throughout. There was a bit of the rim that […]

Casual, Dine-in, Pennsylvania, Take-out


Cute pizza shop to dine at outside of Pitt. We had glasses of wine that were from a rotating list of wines, along with a rotating list of pizzas. Tried a “regular” ricotta and a white pizza with bacon, Brussels sprouts, and onion. Loved the flavors on the fun one but toppings were sparsely applied […]

Casual, Dine-in, Pennsylvania

The Porch- Pittsburgh

In a gorgeous park by the Cathedral of Learning was The Porch. It was a casual ambiance and we arrived late at night after a comedy show nearby. Lucky for us, pizzas were 1/2 price off and it was stellar. Loved the presentation and the side of parm, red pepper, and oregano. Here are the […]