October=National Pizza Month!

Happy Friday Everybody!

This month is that coveted month honoring PIZZA! National Pizza Month began in 1987 and is honors pizza’s $30 billion dollar industry! Please enjoy this article from the Huffington Post. If you ever get the craving for pizza this month, don’t be ashamed! Indulge! 🙂 

Power to the Pizza 

Mary Ann […]

Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder

What a meal, what a meal! Tonight was a great dinner… and the pizza was just a part of that. 🙂

My long time family friend (and now pseudo older sister) Lauren joined me for dinner at the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder in Lincoln Park. Both of us had heard great things about […]

Giordanos=Lunchtime Indulgence

So I went to meet up for a friend on my lunch break, and her office happens to be at Lake & Michigan Avenue. Coincidentally, a Giordano‘s resides next door. What a shame… today was a rough day with food floating around the office, and I could not resist stopping in for some lunchtime […]

Edwardos Deep Dish

Why, you might ask, have I gone to Edwardo’s again in the same month? Well I will tell you:1. It was not an original dinner plan2. It is extremely close to my apartment3. I have a groupon there, so it’s cheaper for my friends and I!

Last night we had a lovely dinner at Edwardo’s […]

Italian Village- Pre-show pizza

Happy Friday!

Last night, my boyfriend and I saw the musical “Rock of Ages.” It was a great show with amazing music from Journey, Styx, Poison, and other 80s groups. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and loved the corny premise and audience interaction. Anyway… back to the point of my post: PIZZA, obviously.

Jon & […]