Youswoop Pizza Tour

Alright everyone. Today is the day where I confess my love for DEALS.

Deals deals deals… I am a member of Groupon, YouSwoop, buywithme, living social, and yipit… all great websites that flood your inbox each morning with a half off (or more) coupon for your purchasing pleasure. It’s genius and definitely appealing for […]

Reggio’s Frozen Pizza Dinner

So I went to the grocery store to restock my fridge today and couldn’t resist checking out the frozen pizza section. Usually I share late night food with friends, but I often cook dinner on my own after work. I try to be fancy, but tonight I just felt like eating a pizza!

I […]

Papa Del’s

So I had the busiest day yesterday at the University of Illinois. I visited my alma mater with some of my coworkers to do some recruiting at the Business Career Fair. Working from 10am-10pm is not easy, especially when you are on your feet and on your game for that time. But I had […]

Edwardo’s Groupon

Edwardo’s is the Groupon today… I was one week too early on my posting!

Never fear, I still purchased a groupon for $10 for $20 worth of pizza dining at Edwardo‘s! I’m very happy about that and will probably hold off on eating there for a while since the Groupon doesn’t expire until March.


Gino’s East

Happy Friday!

Last night was the NFL Season Opener & Jersey Shore… double whammy! Jon’s coworker invited us to his apartment to watch the game and the Jersey Shore, and he lives right near Gino’s East. Since he’s a fan of my pizza blog, he offered to order in some pizza for dinner.

He […]