Mista Pizza

I love going into my home office on Fridays. From Monday-Thursday, I work at my client’s office in the suburbs, so every Friday I cherish my short commute to the loop. My bus (156 Lasalle) dropped me off near Lasalle & Randolph, and I walked right past Mista Pizza, the third location of an […]

Tavern on Rush

Oh St. Patrick’s Day. Last week I celebrated the holiday after a productive day of work. A few beers later and after checking out a few different venues in the Gold Coast, Jon, his friend Bill, and I ended up at Tavern on Rush. Why, oh why did I have the intention of ordering […]

Best Pizza In the USA

I have the travel bug… I constantly am anxious to get out of town and go somewhere new. This weekend I am headed to Colorado for a family ski trip and can’t wait to see them! In the spirit of travel, I compiled a list of top pizza places around the USA. If feasible, […]

Homemade Deep Dish Pizza- Brian Kirshenbaum

On Friday night, I had the great privilege of making homemade pizza with my second cousin, Brian. Jon & I took the metra to Evanston and got to experience the glory that is HOMEMADE DEEP DISH pizza… not something you do every day. While we were there, I learned that BJ (or BK, depending […]

Francesca’s Pizzeria #PizzaTweetup

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to host my first #tweetup (twitter meetup, gathering, event) at Francesca’s Pizzeria Napoletana. Approximately forty guests attended, a great number even though the cold thunderstorm was underway.

The night went off without a hitch. At 4:00pm, people started coming through the doors to the restaurant, anxious for […]