Lucca at the Boca Raton Resort & Club- Boca Raton, FL

As part of a momentous celebration of our parents’ 30th Anniversary in Florida, we enjoyed a special meal at an Italian restaurant in the Boca Raton Resort & Club. The food was great, and after tasting some delectable housemade bread with oil, etc, we knew we had to order some of their flatbread pies! Gernerously topped, displayed on wooden paddles, and cut into bite-sized pieces for the table to enjoy. Oh, and we also ordered a whole fish! Always a fun experience and even more fun when the restaurant helps you de-bone the fish before consuming 🙂

Photo Sep 04, 9 50 23 PM

Photo Sep 04, 9 50 51 PM

Photo Sep 04, 9 50 06 PM

Pizzeria Stella- Philadelphia, PA

I was so happy to visit this famous pizzeria with my friend Brianne, who drove out from Sea Isle City, NJ to wander the city of Philly on one of my visits for work. Unfortunately the photos were not my best, but the food was great, and we loved sitting at the pizza bar to watch our pie being made before they closed up shop. Hope you can enjoy the pictures and have a chance to visit one time if you are in town! We liked the location as well!

Photo May 21, 9 30 51 PM

Photo May 21, 9 32 02 PM

Photo May 21, 9 43 56 PM

Photo May 21, 9 43 59 PM

Photo May 21, 9 52 57 PM

The Boiler Room- Cape May, NJ

I had such a great time taking a day trip to Cape May with Brianne! We had such a nice time… ate a lot (she knows I eat a lot) and went to check out a newly opened basement joint in the basement of Congress Hall.

The pizza did not taste as great as it looked. A bit of a sour crust… perhaps too much cornmeal/burnt flour on the pie. We were slightly disappointed, but they may have improved since our visit in June. The room is cool and refurbished and a great hangout, and I’m sure the grub will improve in time.

Photo Jun 12, 5 43 16 PM

Photo Jun 12, 6 30 15 PM

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Photo Jun 12, 6 31 09 PM

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Photo Jun 12, 5 37 11 PM

Photo Jun 12, 5 37 14 PM

Hampton Social- River North

Going to brunch on the morning after your friend’s wedding is always a challenge. Jon and I were in town in October for my best friend Anna’s wedding and we walked north from the Loop on marathon Sunday and found ourselves at Hampton Social. Loved the cool vibe, open-air decor, and Jon and I had a nice time. As always happens, when I saw pizza on the menu, I knew I had to try one. I enjoyed the Lamb Pizza with merguez sausage, (no olives) peppers, onion, and cheese. Loved the char on this fluffy crust… It was quite divine. I was surprised at how light and airy the pies were, and they were quite generous with their toppings. All in all a satisfying pie in a trendy place.

Photo Oct 11, 1 13 46 PM

Photo Oct 11, 1 13 48 PM

C.O. Hampton Social

C.O. Hampton Social

Manco & Manco- Ocean City, NJ

Sauce delivered by a pedal system and sauce hose… quite the party. Brianne and I walked down the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ last summer and saw the multiple locations of the famous joint Manco & Manco (previously Mack & Mancos).

One of the most surprising things about these restaurant/take out spots is that the ovens varied from shop to shop. Sadly, we didn’t feel like sampling the slices at each spot. But some had a rotating oven, and others had a deck oven with doors… Very interesting.

Good pizza, fun to watch the pizza hose, and the two cheeses were a nice touch. If I was visiting Ocean City for a week-long vacation, I wouldn’t be able to resist a daily slice here.

Photo Jun 14, 8 01 21 PM

Photo Jun 14, 8 05 39 PM

Photo Jun 14, 7 58 52 PM