Da Stefano-Canary Islands

[Guest post alert!]

My friend Kristi was kind enough to photograph some gorgeous ZA in beautiful Portugal! Her thoughts are below:

First pizza we had is a white mushroom pizza “funghi” with truffle oil and arugula ontop. Very garlicky. Very delish.
Second was a Hawaiian with piña and jámon!
Both crusts were traditionally thin, perfect amount of crispiness!
IMG_7163 IMG_7164 IMG_7165 IMG_7166 IMG_7161


Gold Coast Express- North Shore Station- Bermuda

I grabbed a slice because I couldn’t NOT try the pizza from this new brick oven on my way home from work!


It was alright… I’m not complaining.. actually makes me want to order a whole pie and try it sometime to do a proper review 🙂


Photo Apr 21, 5 29 41 PM Photo Apr 21, 5 27 31 PM


Cantinetta- Miami Beach, FL

Overpriced food on Lincoln Mall is far too common, but this pizza was not too shabby. My sister ordered it and shared one of the slices with me!! Floppy cheesy pizza. I enjoyed the salty finish and thought there was a good amount of sauce to complement the crust and cheese 🙂

Photo Mar 06, 9 35 23 AM Photo Mar 06, 9 35 18 AM

Bacci- Fairmont Southampton- Bermuda

I had a lovely meal with friends at Bacci at the Fairmont Southampton. We had some fun and shared 3 appetizers, a pasta dish, and a pizza. The Eggplant dish was a surprise hit! Definitely enjoyed that. The pizza wasn’t my favorite on island, but it worked well with our lovely spread! Great to get out to the other side of the island!

Photo Jan 22, 6 55 48 PM

POLPETTA (Meatballs), MELANZANE (Baked Eggplant), Bruschetta

AMATRICIANA: Penne Pasta, Cured Pork Sausage, Tomato Sauce, Pecorino Cheese

Photo Jan 22, 7 16 05 PM

Eatery A- Des Moines, IA

I was so excited to try Eatery A with Jon and his mom!! Also, it was mentioned in the “Where to Eat Pizza” book, so I couldn’t resist! The ambiance here was awesome. Open space, wooden furnishings, cool lighting, and a view of the oven from our seat. No problems! Had a tasty brunch-time cocktail and enjoyed my 1/2  1/2 pie. I liked that they were able to combine both for me. The crust was quite seasoned with spices which made for even the last bit to be exciting.

Photo Apr 24, 11 29 54 AM

Homemade Ricotta Appetizer?! YES!

Photo Apr 24, 11 48 18 AM

1/2 #7- merguez sausage, red pepper, crispy shallot 1/2 #2 tomato, mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction / R

Photo Apr 24, 11 48 25 AM

Wild Crab Benedict – english muffin, harissa aioli, avocado, snow pea salad

Photo Apr 24, 11 48 27 AM

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Photo Apr 24, 11 48 39 AM Photo Apr 24, 11 09 11 AM