Sidebar- (Barnaby’s… next time)

Since this is my first time writing a blog, I guess I need to be more accurate with my Looking forward sections. I am still Looking forward to Barnaby’s pizza, but I had to take a little detour tonight 🙂

I met up with an old friend at Sidebar Grille for happy hour and a lovely meal. The restaurant offers half-price bottles of wine along with a FREE PIZZA on Tuesdays. Well how could I resist?! I have been eyeing this happy hour spot since I started working because it is near my office, and now I have enjoyed the first of many indulgences.

We ordered a Malbec bottle of wine from Chile and had a cheese pizza topped with red peppers. Take a good look at the picture to the left (still trying to perfect my photography skills). The pizza was fluffy like a Domino’s pizza but had a good crunch at the edges and a great cheesy taste. Not too much cheese, and the right amount of red peppers. The bottom of the pizza wasn’t burnt or crispy, so that is why it reminded me of the pizza from Domino’s. The home-cooked taste was satisfying because I knew I was eating something fresh, and the size was perfect for two to share because I didn’t feel too full and also felt a buzz from our wine 🙂

After paying $10 (with tax & tip) for a pizza and my fair share of wine, I was clearly impressed. This location satisfies my craving for pizza, thirst for deals, and interest in the after-work atmosphere. I will try this place again, especially because of the deal & convenience after work! All Chicago loop workers should take a stab at Sidebar, even if it’s not Tuesday night.

Looking forward: I am aiming eat at Barnaby’s pizza before the the end of next week. I might try to resist a pizza craving for the next few days (pizza overload), but we’ll see if I can resist :). Look out for my next pizza-filled post! Suggestions are appreciated 🙂

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  1. Pizza overload? If the pizzaloverchicago can tire from too much pizza, what hope is there for the rest of us?

    Anyway, go to Nancys and get the 1.5 inch delicious deep dish. Better yet, they deliver.

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