Sweet Tomatoes

Today was a rough day. My coworker and friend, Nishi, and I started our two-week engagement at a client in Waukegan, IL. Nothing says commute like a 5:30 am wake up call just to sit in traffic for quite some time from the city to the FAR north suburbs. But alas, when 11:45 am rolled around and we had completed over four hours of work, we drove to Sweet Tomatoes and ate yummy salad and pizza bread for lunch.

For those of you who don’t know, Sweet Tomatoes is a buffet and family restaurant that has an extensive salad bar along with fresh breads, soups, pastas, potatoes, and healthy ice cream. I used to go to the location in Glenview, IL, and now that I live in the city, it is impossible to get to one without a car.

My favorite part, for obvious reasons, is the foccacia bread area. It’s as close to pizza as you can get and quite tasty. Pictured here is the Quattro Formaggio foccacia bread pizza. I probably finished off at least half of that and was very satisfied. They had other daily selections as well: Garlic Asiago and a Peanut-chicken Thai Focaccia which were also great. I love their salad bar because they serve prepared salads and a full bar of ingredients if you’re interested in creating your own. It truly is the best of both worlds. As not to spoil myself, I will save my next trip for the following week when I am still in lovely Waukegan.

Looking forward: The other benefit of driving to the suburbs is that we pass my absolute favorite thin crust pizza place, Barnaby’s Pizza, in Northbrook. So get excited for my next post. I plan on eating pizza at the restaurant after a long day of work and then bringing some par-baked pizzas with me to store in my freezer. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have a pizza obsession and I’m not ashamed!

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