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Almost every person I meet soon learns of my obsession with pizza. During my freshman year of college, I befriended a girl on my floor who is still a great friend today. A few weeks after we became friends, she and her roommate confessed that they referred to me as “Pizzaface.” I was known as the girl who always offered part of her pizza to her friends in the dorm. Thankfully we have become great friends and my love for pizza has made an impact on her life as well 🙂
My friend who calls me “Pizzaface”

Last year in Europe, I went on a limb and expanded my horizons. I enjoyed bruschetta and capresé salads; both variations of pizza, so they fulfilled my cravings and are a bit healthier.
These days, there is a big push to be a healthy eater, but I can’t stray away from my dedicated interest to pizza. Even a bagel thin with marinara and cheese will help hold me over. Regardless, I look forward to those nights of pizza & beer, pizza and wine, or just pizza at any restaurant or my oven with friends. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

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