Caffè Baci

Happy Friday!

At lunch today, some of my coworkers and I went to Caffe Baci for a quick pizza. It was a nice break from the office and although it was satisfying to eat some pizza, it’s not a place I would suggest to Chicago visitors.

Roma pizza (without sausage): Pepperoni, Red Onion, Mozzarella

I ordered the Roma pizza without sausage, while my coworker, Scott, also had the Roma with sausage (the right way). He loved the pizza when we ate there a few weeks ago, but today he had gripes with the amount of sauce on the pizza (or lack thereof). Still, he expressed that the pizza was a “flavor rave”.

I thought the pizza was alright and I liked the wood fired taste of the crust, but the rest didn’t WOW me. Erik, another coworker, summed it up perfectly: “It is a good quick lunch spot, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a pizza conoisseur.”

So there you have it. Good pizza if you’re in the loop and in a rush. Nice quick restaurant but not my favorite place to grab pizza during the work day.

Looking Forward: I hope everyone has a great long weekend! Even though it’s a BBQ-centered holiday, I’m sure I’ll squeeze in a pizza post. Enjoy!

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