Edwardo’s- National Cheese Pizza Day!

Happy belated National Cheese Pizza Day!

Yesterday was a monumental event: National Cheese Pizza Day. I follow @Foodimentary on twitter, and they tweet about different food holidays and quotes about food. I was so happy to learn that Sept 5 was National Cheese Pizza day, so I knew I had to get a pizza no matter what.

I decided to try Edwardo‘s in the Gold Coast neighborhood on Dearborn and Division. It’s close to my apartment and has great thin crust and deep dish pizza. I used to eat at a location in the suburbs, so the pizza brought back old memories. I ordered a small 10″ thin crust cheese pizza for carryout, and was so excited to eat it that I finished a portion on my walk back. Take a look!

(Apologies for the poor quality photo–> Next time without the box)

I was thrilled to have this amazing chicago-style pizza. Last week I had sampled many different types of pizza, but the combination of floury crust, tomato sauce, and delectable cheese brought me back to a Chicago classic. There is a touch of cornmeal on the crust, and it’s neither crunchy nor floppy. I loved the taste of this pizza and was in heaven. The great thing about Edwardo’s gold coast is that it is genuine all-natural chicago pizza and the restaurant isn’t a madhouse like many others.

Obviously I will be back to taste the deep dish pizza, because the beauty of Edwardo’s is that they are well-known for both styles of pizza.

Looking forward: In lieu of National Cheese Pizza Day, I decided to peruse the internet in hopes of finding other pizza related holidays. Here is a consolidated list of what other pizza events I’m looking forward to:

  • October: National Pizza Month
  • October 11: National Sausage Pizza Day
  • November 12: National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day
  • January: National Pizza Week (2nd week of the month)
  • February: Great American Pizza Bake (Bake your own pizza, 2nd week of the month)
  • February 9th: Pizza Pie Day
  • May 15: National Pizza Party Day

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