The Story Behind My Blog Picture

Gino’s East: Jon & Ariel

By request of one of my followers, I wanted to give you a little background of the picture of “me & pizza” in my top right photo. A few months ago, I purchased a few YouSwoop (like groupon) coupons to go on a pizza tour of Chicago. The Second City Pizza Tour was an awesome walking tour of five different pizzerias that highlight both thin crust and authentic deep dish Chicago pizzas. I thought I would be able to conquer this tour with ease, but eating pizza at every stop did make me full… and I was definitely out of commission for the evening. I went with my sister, Ariel, and boyfriend, Jon, and we had the best time walking through the city and trying out different styles and toppings of pizza. I absolutely loved the tour and loved learning about the history of their fine establishments.

Our tour guide dishing out Pizza at Giordano’s

I have one more youswoop left for the tour (because, who wouldn’t want to go again?) and I am saving it for when my friend, Sam, moves to the city. She purchased a swoop as well and is a pizza appreciator, so we will soon experience the greatness that is Chicago pizza. I will save my full review once I go on the next tour, so that is something for you to look forward to.

Jon & I oustide of Uno’s- Last tasty stop on our trip

Also, did you see the list I have posted to the left? This is going to be a running tab of pizza places I want to review! If you have any suggestions, please comment on my posts and I would be happy to add it! Thanks


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