Brick’s Chicago

So you’re walking down Lincoln Avenue just south of Armitage, and you see this image:

Yes, the awning in front of a typical condo building leads to an indoor restaurant a couple of steps underground. Surrounded by bricks (as the name would assume) is a cozy dimly-lit bar & dining room. Bricks Chicago is one of many unique pizza places in Chicago and newly known for their Julius Peppers Pizza (too spicy for me).
Becky, Alyssa, and I went on a Tuesday night for their 1/2 price bottle of wine special and wanted to sample one of their specialty pizzas. We went with the “Popeye”: spinach, tomatoes, roasted garlic, tomato sauce, feta, & mozzarella cheese. But before that, we started with the baked goat cheese appetizer in marinara sauce.
This was soooo good and we were hungry, so it was a perfect dish to hold us over with their garlic toast while we waited for pizza. I often order the goat cheese tapa plate at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, and now I know that it’s not the only place that makes a good dish.
Then the Popeye arrived, and it definitely paired nicely with our red wine. The fresh ingredients and sweetness in the tomatoes worked well with the two cheeses. The crunchy thin crust wasn’t burnt or overdone and it made the entire pizza taste great. Our one gripe with the toppings was the abundance of roasted garlic… just a bit too much… I think we would have been fine if it was cut in smaller pieces.
Our Popeye pizza!
Bricks website pizza
What I am most happy about was seeing that the Popeye pizza is the main pizza advertised on their website. Our waitress recommended it along with some of their other pizzas. I must say, Becky, Alyssa, and I were glad we chose the Popeye, and I would definitely eat there again and sample another kind.
Check out Bricks on the Run (Take & bake pizza) and, coming soon, Big Bricks (which will also be serving burgers). You’ll be glad you did!

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