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After a busy week of work, I felt like ordering in pizza instead of sitting down at a restaurant. Pat’s Pizza was a great choice for the night because they only offer carryout and delivery. I couldn’t even find a menu online and was confused because there is another Pat’s pizza at the intersection of Wrightwood and Lincoln Avenue, but this place came with recommendations from several other people.

Right in the south loop at Clark & Harrison is Pat’s pizza. They offer a cracker-crispy crust and many appetizers to supplement it. Jon & I ordered their special: mushrooms, peppers, onions, & sausage… a great combo at any pizzeria. (Of course, I had my half without mushrooms) I asked what size they recommended, and for two people, they suggested a small, 12″. That was a little disconcerting to me because I am always happy to over-order, but I went for it.

Garlic Cheese Bread… soft bread with cheese… nothing too crispy

We ordered garlic cheese bread as an appetizer, so the 12″ pizza was a perfect entree portion to share. We even gave some to Jon’s roommate. I must say, we were definitely satisfied. I always like thin crust because you can fold the edges and eat it like a burrito, or eat it flat… endless opportunities.

Small pizza with sausage, cheese, onions & peppers.
Nice crispy edges… not really crust

My one gripe was that I didn’t taste too much of the sauce because the cheese was overwhelming. Then again, the toppings blended well together. Overall, this is a pizza place that’s good for carryout. You’ll get some stellar thin crust… but not at the cheapest price. For our 12″ pizza with four toppings, it was appx $20. We were definitely happy, but that’s usually the price you pay for deep dish, not thin crust.

Keep this price issue in mind, but if you happen to live near the south loop, it is a great alternative to your standard Domino’s and Papa John’s orders.

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