Barnaby’s Strikes Again!

Last Saturday, my team had to work overtime in Lake Forest, IL. After a full week of work, it was a bit rough to extend it into the weekend, but we had a productive day and were able to accomplish many things for our client. I had one thing on my mind to get me through the morning: Barnaby’s Pizza.
I had been raving about the place ever since I joined the project in the suburbs. Since I live in the city and work in the suburbs, I figure I have a better option of trying pizza everywhere! But I had to have my team sample one of my old-time favorites. This was a nervous, yet exciting, proposition, and my job was on the line 🙂 (Just kidding) Eric suggested we bring the pizza in for lunch on Saturday, and Nishi & I eagerly obliged.
There were some logistical kinks along the way involving everything other than pizza.
1. Barnaby’s doesn’t sell liters of pop, so we planned ahead and picked some up on the way
2. We learned they don’t hand out plates, so we had to make a second stop after getting the pizza
Finally, we arrived with five pizzas in tow (and some salad):
2 cheese
1 1/2 sausage, 1/2 pepperoni
1 chicken
1 peppers, onions, & mushroom

Chicken pizza… surprisingly good!
1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 sausage

As always, the pizza was great! It was well received by my team, and people kept coming up for more. I ate so much pizza that I had no appetite for dinner, but that’s what happens when I’m tempted with Barnaby’s. My manager enjoyed it as well, so the lunchtime pick-me-up was a success!

Now the search begins for another intriguing pizza place to try in the Gurnee/Waukegan area. Suggestions appreciated! Have a great week!


  1. I'm a reverse commuter too, and I keep meaning to start trying the suburban foods. I grew up by a Barnaby's, and the restaurant always scared me. It's so dark in there!

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