Trattoria Caterina

How could one NOT celebrate the Chicago #snOMG #blizzard without some pizza!

On Tuesday night, I was released from work early so that everyone could get home safely. I made a quick stop at the 7-11 in the loop to stock up on essentials before hibernating at Jon’s apartment for the duration of the storm. We picked up a frozen 7-11 pizza, but when we were craving dinner, that wasn’t going to cut it. Jon went on to see what pizza places were open and delivering at the onset of the storm.
Trattoria Caterina was willing to deliver, and since they were located just south of the loop, we figured we’d give it a try! I must admit, we did not do ANY preliminary research about this place to see if they specialized in anything in particular. Apparently, they are not known for their pizzas, but it’s the pastas and restaurant ambiance that keeps them around. We blindly ordered a pizza with basil, fresh tomato, and onion. The price was high: $25 (with delivery) for a medium 3-topping pizza because each topping was $2.50.
After approximately 1 hour (pretty timely considering it was a blizzard!) our pizza arrived. I was so hungry that I dove in and took my first bite… Not super pleased…

The crust was plain white… nothing to it. No flavor, spices, oil, char, crunch, no nothin’. That was weird to me. It was the blandest crust I had tasted, and that was sad.
Other than that, the toppings were fine, and it ultimately satisfied that pizza craving. Still, I was so surprised that the restaurant didn’t do anything to make their crust have a taste to it. Oh well! At least I have a bit of a critical bone in my body for pizza 🙂
I hope everyone was safe over the past few days of the Chicago Blizzard!

Keep a look out for an upcoming tweetup at Francesca’s Pizzeria Napoletana on February 20th (formerly Nella Pizzeria Napoletana). I am confirming the plans, but it should include some pizza sampling and great networking opportunities!

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