Pizza in Colorado

Many of you may have guessed from my twitter and facebook, but I spent last weekend in Edwards, Colorado, near Beaver Creek ski resort. I loved spending time with my family but now they see that my childhood obsesion with pizza has only grown stronger. In one weekend together, I had pizza 4 times… out of six possible meals (lunch & dinner) Nothing stood out to me, so I will summarize them all in this post.

Onion & Basil

Beaujo’s, Idaho Springs- My mom raved about it and even had me post her review about her first trip to this place. We stopped in Idaho Springs, a quaint little town on the way to our hotel. We ordered two original mountain thick pizza with honey wheat crust. Mom & Ariel got an onion and basil pizza while my dad & I shared the Mama Mia (Chicken, mushrooms, scallion, and tomatoes) minus the mushrooms. I must admit, I wasn’t too pleased. No flavor in the pizza at first bite, and I had to ask for more sauce on the side. The only fun part was their tradition of dipping the crust in honey… I liked that a lot! I suggest you try it with a bread-like crust!

Chicken, Scallion, Tomato

Spago, Beaver Creek- A famous restaurant by Wolfgang Puck. We had a quick lunch on the mountain at this nice restaurant, so Ariel & I split a pizza. It was a nice wood-fired margherita pizza, but there was no sauce, and only a few tomatoes on the pizza… I guess you can see a trend in my craving for more sauce. I liked the crunchy crust and the fresh cheese was great!

Margherita Pizza
Fired crust

Spago on Urbanspoon

Zino, Edwards, CO-This place had a great ambiance in the quaint town of Edwards, CO. It was our big night out after skiing and we pushed ourselves to stay awake! I had high hopes for their wood fired pizzas, as the restaurant is known for them. All I can say is it was an unfortunate failed attempt at pizza. The cheese & sauce were saturating the crust… and it was almost like a stew. I hope that’s not the norm for this place, because it was a sad excuse for fancy pizza. 🙁

Soggy greasyness

Zino Ristorante II on Urbanspoon

Mirador, The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera- The night before we left Colorado, we were lazy and had a pizza along with a bunch of other bar food items at the hotel. I didn’t have high expectations, and the pizza was bland, but it was an easy meal, so I wasn’t too critical… although it was another sauce-less pizza. Oh well!

I can’t wait to try new pizza places in Chicago! I’ve missed our pizza here 🙂 No upcoming plans, but I do want to visit Great Lake Pizza at some point! Enjoy your weekend!

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