Eastside Cafe Pizza- Whole Foods

Jon & I rented a car one day, and when we couldn’t think of anything else to do, we decided to eat. With Jon’s roommate, Sal, as our accomplice, we headed to Whole Foods in the South Loop to conquer dinner… but we didn’t have ANY idea what to eat. After going back and forth about eating the ready-made food in the grocery store, we decided to grab a few items and head back to their apartment in the loop.

While we were looking for random fixings (chips & salsa, booze, etc), we happened across some ZA on sale in the center bin of the frozen section. I was intrigued for the following reasons: #1- It was cheap!! $6 per pizza is not a bad deal in Whole Foods, although it is still more costly than Jack’s pizza. #2- The cheese was NOODLE-like. Noodles? Pizza? I was confused and excitedly anxious to try some.

It wasn’t hard to convince the boys of this great adventure to try a new frozen pizza 🙂 so we went for it. We bought one cheese pizza and one spinach, mushroom, & garlic branded under the name “Eastside Café”. My master plan was working.

Whole Foods Eastside Pizza Cheese
Noodles=Cheese Pizza

Whole Foods Eastside Spinach Mushroom & Garlic Pizza


I don’t know if I’ve shared this tip with you, but one of my favorite things to do is grab some veggies from the salad bar to add toppings on a quesadilla, salad, or pizza for one night. I took a spoonful of peppers and some onions and created my own pizza. No hassle, no mess, just greatness. I took some of the cheese off of the plain pizza to attempt to save on calories, fat, etc, and made room for the veggies.

Surprisingly, cheese melts, and the noodle-shaped cheese was no more once it cooked in the oven. The crust was thin and crunchy, and cheese was definitely great. This was one of those pizzas where I don’t even remember the sauce, but it’s alright because the cheese & toppings combinations were enough for us. I was happy with my creation, and the boys enjoyed both pizzas for dinner, along with some chips, guacamole, and salsa (Yes, I realize that’s a weird combination, but Jon loves that stuff).

Whole Foods Cooked Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza w/Peppers & Red Onions
Whole Foods Cooked Spinach Mushroom & Garlic Pizza
CHEESEY Spinach & Mushroom Pizza

Overall, you gotta try this pizza. I was pleased with the cracker thin crust and loved that it was off the beaten path. They sell pizzas at your local whole foods, Potash Bros, as well as other grocers, so check their website first.

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