Mama Milano Neopolitan Pizza Bar

Since reading this article (The Dish, over two months ago, I have had my eye on Wells Street awaiting the opening of Mama Milano– a new pizzeria concept in Old Town.

Friends can attest to my excitement. They have witnessed me walking up to the construction-covered entrance of the restaurant, itching to get inside.

Finally, when I was least expecting it, I spotted the opened restaurant during the Wells Street Art Festival and darted over to check it out. (Sorry to Jon, Lisa, and Sam for running away from you at the fair!)

The well-lit Mama Milano Pizza Bar

At first sight, the space is an open, welcoming environment with chandeliers on the ceiling, french paintings along the wall, and an ornate bar decor. It is a small venue with only a few tables and a focal bar design. It turns out that Mama Milano had opened the day before I visited, and the owners & family were just getting settled. If you don’t know much about the owners of Mama Milano, I will tell you this: They are the family behind Tony & Tina’s Wedding, Papa Milano Pizzeria, and a new film called ‘Drunkboat’. And on top of that, they are an outgoing and friendly crew.

I sampled some pizza and had a seat with the Mama & Tony Tomaska to talk about their new venture. When I asked Tony how he came up with the idea, he said he was trying to figure out how to store the chandeliers from Tony & Tina’s wedding. Along with their large size, high value and beauty, he had to have special boxes made for them. Rather than putting them in storage, he found a spot for them here and built the Pizza bar concept around it. How cool!

Cheese Pizza @ Mama Milano. Their first round of pizzas. Next step is to create different toppings & combinations
Crust shot of cheese pizza... Notice the char, but als the pockets, which identify the light texture of the crust

I loved the optimism that this family showed. They are excited to see how this concept grows, and willing to adapt to the crowd in Old Town. The pizza is cheesey 🙂 No fancy cheese here, just plain & pure cheese, which is never a bad thing. It reminded me of the pizza style at Sweet Tomatoes because the crust is thick like their focaccia pizza. I have a feeling they will be making some adaptations to the ZA, especially as they develop a solid menu. Overall, I’ll definitely be heading back to Mama Milano. I can’t wait to grab a seat at the bar, have a cocktail, and enjoy some pizza 🙂

Me + Pizza = Happiness


  1. Do they have a website I can see? What else do they have on the menu? Will it be similar to Papa Milano’s? My daughter will be excited to know that this is open!! Please forward my info to owners/GM, and keep me abreast of new developments here!!

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