I recently spent a nice meal with my some of the only Braude’s left in Chicagoland- Julia, Kevin, and Cheryl. The cousins (sans MSU rockstar, Josh) picked me up at the train station in Northbrook, IL, and we stopped over at Marcello’s, A Father & Son restaurant, for some family food.

Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Kev with our pizza

Of course, I saw a sizeable pizza section on the menu and had to have a taste. Thankfully, uncle Kev offered to split a salad & pizza with me. They have a great selection of pizza styles: Flatbread pizzas, Thin Crust, N.Y. Style, Pan, Whole Wheat, and Gluten Free. Uncle Kev always gets the thin crust, so that’s what we chose for our pizza. We topped it with Pepperoni & Onions and waited patiently while chowing down on our Southwestern Chopped Salad. Aunt Cheryl & Julia ordered veggie burgers, which have a good reputation here, but they were looking forward to sneaking a few slices from the pizza as well :).

When the pizza arrived, I was impressed at how thin it was! The za was crunchy and I’d attribute it to the perforated pizza tray it was served on. The holes allow for the air to get through and keep the crust crunchy without losing any toppings. At first taste you could tell it was a slightly buttery crust and faintly resembled Barnaby’s.

Thin Crust- Pepperoni & Onion
A bit of congealed cheese, pepperoni, & onions

Nonetheless, this pizza was quite different. The edges of the crust were fairly well-done, which caused the cheese at the end to be crunchy as well (a favorite quality of mine). Because of the crisper pan, even middle pieces had enough sustenance instead of typical floppy. The cheese was REAL good and so was the pepperoni. I liked the onions on top as well, but wish they had been cooked more on their own.

Uncle Kev's excitement for the pizza...

Either way, this Marcello’s pizza was quite a nice pie. In comparison to D’Agostino’s (my last review), Marcello’s was just as thin but had a more flavorful crust. I swear there was more butter for the yellow look. Also, D’Agostino’s may have been cheesier and more generous with the sauce.

Marcello’s is a great pizzeria because of its variety crust choices and a full restaurant menu. Their ability to accommodate those with gluten allergies is notable since they have gluten-free pizza and a separate menu. My manager frequents Marcello’s because of his wife’s gluten allergy. What a steal! Good pizza AND gluten free.

Thanks Braude fam!
Marcello's Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Marcello's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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