Blue Moose- Vail, Colorado

I was so lucky to spend a weekend in Colorado with my mom & my sister on a recent ski trip! We went to a variety of restaurants for dinner, and on our last night in the mountains, we stopped at The Blue Moose. They have locations in Beaver Creek and Vail, and we tried the Vail location at Lionshead Village. As expected, the place was packed. We put our name down and waited 20 minutes or so until our table was ready. It was funny because my mom was craving the ZA more than I was, so I knew we had to wait patiently!

Winter Pizza

While waiting, I saw the pizzaiolo’s tossing the crust in the air and having a great time. That only got me more excited to sit down and eat. I will make this post short and sweet so I can post photos and move on… I am backed up with the amount of reviews I need to write!

Pizzaiolos at work!

Video: Pizzaiolos at Blue Moose

We ordered the winter pizza because we liked the simple yet fresh sound of the ingredients: Roma tomatoes, fresh minced basil, garlic, olive oil, and mozzarella. Unfortunately, my forgetful self didn’t notice there was no sauce on the pizza, and once again, I asked for sauce on the side. My mom was really happy with the pizza once she paired it with the sauce, and so was I.

Winter Pizza

Our thoughts: Their new whole wheat crust was really good. It was mushy throughout, so it couldn’t hold its own, but for some reason, I think it made the taste of the crust stand out even more. You could truly taste the whole wheat blend of flour & spices. I was happy about that. Also, the garlic taste was part of every bite… and who doesn’t like garlic? Ariel really liked the cheese, so overall each of the toppings stood out.

I would recommend this place, especially since there is a limited selection of restaurants. And don’t forget the alcoholic drinks they serve! We enjoyed our Hot Apple Pie (Tuaca Italian Liquor, Apple Cider and Whipped Cream) and Hot Peppermint Patty (Peppermint Schnapps, Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream).

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