Flight 1551

I had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for a weekend, and made a pit stop at a new wine bar in old town. We ordered a flight of red wines that were unique and intriguing. I hadn’t eaten lunch, and Nishi wanted something to nibble on. So I ordered a sausage & pepperoni pizza while she ordered the monkey bread.

While we were waiting for our food, we marveled at the pure simplicity of this place. At many restaurants, simple décor is perfect. The high ceilings made for an open environment, and there is a small bar area halfway through seated approximately 12 people. Nishi and I arrived at such a random time, so only a few tables were occupied. Our waitress was adorable and helped us make selections for the wine flight and food.

Linebacker Flight- 1. Chateau L’Argentere, Bordeaux (France) 2. Poppiano, Petite Sirah (Cali) 3. Tikal ‘Patriota’, Bonarda/Malbec (Mendoza)

When the pizza arrived, I was overwhelmed! It could be considered an individual pizza, but ultimately is served better as an appetizer size to share.  Crumbled sausage and pepperoni covered the entire pizza, so it was quite topping-heavy. The crust was very sturdy, but not as flavorful. I enjoyed the crunchy texture, and the flavoring of sausage & pepperoni really made a fresh taste. The chef was deliberate in making sure each square slice of pizza was topped with one piece of pepperoni.

Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza


Small slices

The monkey bread was something we both hadn’t seen before! It took a while to cook in the oven. The bread was very dense and included basil, cheese, and tomatoes throughout. It was mushy on the inside, but the bread/cheese flavor really permeated through.

Monkey Bread with Dipping Oil

Overall, we had an awesome afternoon, which included too much satisfying wine. J Did I forget to mention we ordered more after our first flights of wine? I love wine bars, and having pizza to accompany my wine was great! I wouldn’t hit up this place just for the pizza, but the small plates definitely sweetened our experience.

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