Brava- Denver, CO

Our experience at Brava! Mobile Pizza Oven- Denver, CO

Mobile food trucks are the ‘cool’ thing, and everybody is talking about it. Along with this our beloved pizza trucks & ovens are taking the stage (Read this article). When I last visited my sister in Colorado, we figured we’d head to a Rockies game and then sample some of the nightlife in downtown Denver. On our walk back, we passed by the Brava mobile pizza oven. Even late at night, they were whipping up some pizzas, so we stopped by for a taste. Our cousin, BJ, was with us as well, and he is quite the pizza fiend (He made us pizza from scratch!). We loved our late night snack at Brava!. High quality, great oven char, and light gummy taste.

Margherita Pizza Heaven
Aerial shot- perfect dollups of mozzarella

Beautiful oven… great pizzaolo…

The edges of crust had a perfect char… the sauce was lightly applied, and the pieces of fior di latte mozzarella gave great flavor. I can’t say it enough… great Neapolitan pizza is, by far, my favorite indulgence. As you can see, pizza from a mobile pizza oven & made by a talented pizzaiolo is just as good as pizza in a real restaurant. I’m all for it.

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